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Bio: Husband > 30 years. Father of two adult children. I am in awe of the brave people on this site.
Cancer Type: Thyroid Cancer
Stage of Cancer: Stage 1 cancer
Medical Term for the Type of Cancer: Bilateral Thyroid Cancer, Papillary carcinoma, follicular variant
Thyroid Cancer Symptoms: Mostly hypothyroid type symptoms.

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Bio: Hi my name is Jennifer. I am a female in Technology in the beautiful city of London, Ontario. Please feel free to ask any questions about my experience. And joining me in hoping for a day when there is a cure.
Cancer Type: Sarcoma
Stage of Cancer: Stage 1 cancer
Sarcoma Symptoms: First Cancer was Endometrial Cancer -Very heavy bleeding -Abdominal pain -Fullness -Fatigue -Edema Sarcoma (2017) Growing lump on elbow pain tingling edema
Surgery Description, Dates & Side Effects: Total Abdominal Hysterectomy Surgery, Bilateral Salpingectomy, Laparotomy February 5th, 2016 March 9th/ 2017 - Removal of leison

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1 Very Palpable Hit

1 Very Palpable Hit
Cancer Type: Ovarian Cancer
Stage of Cancer: Stage 4 cancer
Medical Term for the Type of Cancer: high-grade serous ovarian adenocarcinoma (sub-type of epithelial)
Ovarian Cancer Symptoms: I found a lump in my neck above my collarbone, and I had been having shortness of breath when speaking and exercising. Also tightness of upper chest when exercising.
Surgery Description, Dates & Side Effects: TAHBSO and section of supraclavicular lymph node on July 25th, 2011; emergency flap craniotomy (brain surgery) Jan 30, 2016
Chemotherapy Description, Dates & Side Effects: Combined carboplatin and taxol, both administered systemically by IV started August 10, 2011, with last cycle administered November 23, 2011. Side effects included: nausea that was only gotten under control after the second administration using about 5 drugs; intense fatigue; muscle and joint pains that were reduced with tylenol and later greatly reduced with gabopentin; intense neuropathy in hands…more

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Cancer Type: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Stage of Cancer: Stage 4 cancer
Medical Term for the Type of Cancer: Indolent B-Cell Follicular Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma
Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Symptoms: Swollen lymph node on jaw in front of ear and swollen lymph nodes on neck

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December 27, 2018

Toronto, Canada M4A 2

August 28, 1962

Cancer Info

Thyroid Cancer

Papillary thyroid cancer

August 28, 2018


Lumps in neck, fatigue, cough, sore throat, loss of voice


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