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Has anyone done radioactive iodine therapy? My endocrinologist is suggesting it but I’m not sure. I can’t afford the thyrogen, so I will have to go off my synthroid and go hypo for a bit. I’m worried about the possible salivary gland problems. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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Read some of the blogs of people here on blogforacure.
Yes, you can expect some decrease in salivary gland function.
I tend to have a little dry mouth. I did not lose a lot of taste ...but some.

Yes the thyrogen shots really cost (I think 4 or 5,000???).

There is also a test for thyroglobulin (which is a blood test)...I think that's a marker for cancer.

You probably want to consult a real radiation oncologist to get options. Especially if you decide to go ahead with RAI. A real oncologist should know what the proper dosage is too.

If you get RAI, you have to be isolated for about a week. Eat very bland food (everything has iodine in it from salt). Plus you have to be off your synthroid and let your body get very hypothyroid.

Look through some of my well as those of others.

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My RAI Post

Be sure to read the comments on how to prevent salivary gland issues.

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Just wondering if anyone in Canada knows what the cost of radioactive iodine therapy is in Canada. I have insurance, but it’s the kind where I have to pay up front and will be reimbursed. I’m concerned it will be quite pricey and I may not have the upfront $.

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I would just call the hospital and see if I could get an estimate.
It's not that uncommon, so they should be familiar with it.
Like Sterling stated, thyroid controls everything. Mine went hypo from chemo in '91-92, took a couple years to go hypo. I had no idea what was wrong with me; up was down, down was up.....such a lil organ could make you feel either so good or SO bad. Blessings on your RAI.
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